Emma loved the beach

August 30, 2005 by Adam in Emma

Emma loved the beach. I spent a tremendous amount of time following her around as she played in her giant sandbox. I think her favorite thing to do was discovering little critters and parts of critters, handing them to me to carry around. I didn't let her wade around in the water too much, as she ended up getting pretty cold, though she would have happily splashed away all day.

When we were inside, she spent a lot of time with Natalie. The two of them crawled about and didn't get in too much trouble. The only hard part about the beach was that she had a hard time sleeping. I frequently got kicked out. And the last fifteen minutes of the drive back home was pretty bad too.

I had the kids at work yesterday and we went ...

August 03, 2005 by Adam in Emma

I had the kids at work yesterday and we went over to campus for our usual exploration and bagel eating. We passed by Renee's Landing and she said "I want to go in there." "You want a beer?" I asked.

She then put on her whiny face and said, "I want a beer!" After I informed her that wasn't possible, she turned it up a notch. "I NEED a beer!"

Fortunately these temper tantrums are pretty amusing so we merely laugh at her. I suspect she'll learn soon enough to try a different approach.

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