It's Emma's birthday

May 28, 2006 by Adam in Emma

It's Emma's birthday. She turned three today and had a grand mermaid-themed party. All sorts of people came over, including Isabell and her friend Natalie. Emma had a wonderful time eating cake, opening presents, and hanging out with friends and family.

Uncle Dave and I got into the spirit of things. Dave performed tests on the temperature-sensitive mermaid, dunking her in cold and hot water to see the color changes. I put the "expands in water" mermaid into a glass jar, filled it up, and labeled it "Mermaid Experiment".

After all was said and done, Emma was pretty tuckered out. I drove her around in the car later in the afternoon until she fell fast asleep.

Emma's in this funny place between a toddler ...

May 19, 2006 by Adam in Emma

Emma's in this funny place between a toddler and a little kid. She still needs diapers. On occasion, she'll throw tantrums, like when the person putting her to bed was me and not Jamie. On the other hand, she's very articulate, sweet, and increasingly capable of doing basic things. She can take off her clothes, and often get dressed (except for the inside-out issue, like last weekend). She can put on most of her non-lace shoes. She'll happily brush her own teeth.

Of course, all these things usually require supervision or correction, though it's important to realize that it's time invested in Emma's eventual self-sufficiency. She's getting there.

In terms of play time, she's all over the board. She and Sam often play exciting "princess Emma" games. This usually involves orc attacks and the like. Last night Emma decided her doll had various broken limbs and we spent a half hour constructing casts of one sort or another.

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