It was a big day for Emma yesterday

August 09, 2006 by Adam in Emma

It was a big day for Emma yesterday. We've signed her up for school in the Fall. After looking around, we picked a French immersion school that Jamie and the kids really liked. They visited earlier in the day and Emma didn't want to leave. Emma's at the point where she really wants to go to school like Sam, she likes playing with other kids her age, and she's loves to learn. I think it'll work out really well. The current schedule is Monday to Thursday mornings, though Friday may be added as well.

The bigger change is with Jamie, as she'll be somewhat free to do what she wants most mornings of the week. After over seven years of constant child care, this is a pretty big change. She's still processing it all internally, as is her style, so I'm patiently waiting to hear what she comes up with.

Emma and Sam have been taking swimming lesson...

August 02, 2006 by Adam in Emma

Emma and Sam have been taking swimming lessons for a couple days now. It's two weeks of daily swimming, which I think they both really enjoy. It's also Emma's first time doing swimming lessons without Jamie, who watches from the sidelines.

Emma loves it, and often demonstrates her bobbing skills to me in the bath. This morning she announced that she was going to do the biggest bog ever.

Of course, her fearlessness of water only extends so far. Last night I was trying to get her to lay back and have me hold her head so that I could wash the soap out. She started making unhappy noises and I told her "Use your words, Emma. I can't understand you."

In a sad little voice she told me, "I'm afraid your going to drop me and I'll sink to my doom."

I had to laugh and reassure her that I wasn't going to let her sink to her doom.

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