Last night I was giving Emma a bath and she i...

October 30, 2007 by Adam in Emma

Last night I was giving Emma a bath and she informed me that she'd always live with us. Even more, we should remind her when she's older that she said so, just in case she forgets. I'm sure her future teen self will heed these words of wisdom most carefully.

Emma also has a new funny behavior. When she's bored and by herself, she'll pretend she's in the middle of an advertisement, trying to sell something. After hearing about it from Jamie, I finally got to see it in action last night. She was brushing her teeth in front of a mirror when she started to pose and say things like, "It's electric!" (meaning an electric toothbrush).

Perhaps Jamie and my obsessive watching of Mad Men has somehow filtered into her brain and she'll turn into a 60's characture of an advertising actress. Oopsie.

School is going much better for Emma these days

October 16, 2007 by Adam in Emma

School is going much better for Emma these days. It's fun seeing the things she learns sneaking into her brain. She'll often sing her ABC's, usually in French, and can recognize many letters and numbers. Last night she was playing Cooking Mama on her Nintendo DS when she suddenly stopped and grabbed a paper and pen. It turns out she wanted to copy the letters on the screen, which brought a proud smile to my face.

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