Emma started her baking camp at the Little Fr...

June 26, 2007 by Adam in Emma

Emma started her baking camp at the Little French School yesterday. It's led by teacher Barbara, who taught her all last year. They make assorted goodies and return home with them.

When I came in yesterday from work, she excitedly showed me her chocolate brownies with rasberry frosting. She didn't like the frosting, so she said I could have some. After eating the entire thing in all it's gooey goodness, I informed Jamie that perhaps next year we could send her to gardening school.

Emma continues to be her typical, quirky self

June 08, 2007 by Adam in Emma

Emma continues to be her typical, quirky self. She loved getting her hair done at the Carnival last night, going for the "rainbow" look. When I wanted to take her picture, she gave me a variety of poses.

She continues to very much be a girly girl. She loves pink, stuffed animals, and playing games that emphasize interpersonal relationships. It did surprise me a bit when she wanted to enter the carnival's squirt gun ring along with her brother. She half heartedly squirted the other kids, but mostly wanted to run around and be part of the action.

She continues to do well in school, bringing home odd craft projects and more French words. It's hard to believe that there's only a couple more weeks of school and then she's off for the summer. This Fall she's returning for five days a week, with class going into early afternoon. She usually likes school, so we don't fret too much about it. I think the biggest change will be for Jamie, who will suddenly have a lot of free time.

Emma's slowly moving out of the toddler phase, though it happens in fits and starts. Last night I went to bed, only to find myself usurped by a four year-old. I carried Emma back to her bed and dumped her in there, where she stayed for the night.

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