I don't seem to talk about Emma all that much...

February 19, 2008 by Adam in Emma

I don't seem to talk about Emma all that much, unless she's feeling under the weather. Let's see if I can remedy that.

I pulled into the driveway from work yesterday afternoon. Emma waved at my arrival, then went back to looking for lady bugs in the shrubbery. It was a bright, crisp day and all the kids were running around outside. Jamie went in and I kept an eye on Emma. She decided to water the planter box, so I helped fill a watering can for her. She watched Sam and the neighbor boys climb our cherry tree, then eventually decided to head inside.

We went down into the basement and ended up playing miniature golf. Emma, Sam, and Jamie had played earlier that day, so Emma was excited about recreating the experience in our basement. She had the score card and a pencil, and pretended to be the shop keep. She had me write down my name and she explained the rules. After a couple rounds, she decided I should be a robber who stole something. I stole the recycling away, which she didn't think was all that amusing.

We wandered upstairs where Jamie was watching Gone With the Wind. I'd never actually seen it, and both Emma and I decided the costumes and overly dramatic Scarlett were pretty neat. Eventually dinner happened, and I pulled her away. Emma was unhappy with her dinner, so Jamie ended up feeding her noodles.

Afterwards we literally ran around in the basement for awhile. I'd chase her, trying to tickle her, and we'd go in repeated circles. Emma thought that was hugely amusing. Later on she went upstairs and Jamie gave her a bath, read her stories, and got her to sleep.

That's a pretty typical day in the life of Emma. She's a great kid and a wonderful daughter. I'm a lucky man.

Poor little Emma is sick again

February 03, 2008 by Adam in Emma

Poor little Emma is sick again. Yesterday she was sleepy all day, perking up only after I gave her Motrin. She woke up again this morning, moaning and rolling around, so I gave her some more. Unfortunately it didn't do well with her stomach, so she was soon throwing up too. Poor girl.

She's now on the couch watching Peter Pan while I do laundry and get ready for the day. I had hoped to go grocery shopping, but we may just take it easy.

Despite it all, Emma managed to do quite a bit of projects and playing yesterday. We got into Sam's Christmas presents and opened up the model airplane kit. Soon we had a psychedelically painted balsa wood plane, covered in stickers. We also put together a Fairy puzzle and played pretend in the basement. Hopefully today we can do more of the same, though perhaps a little more slowly.

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