I took Emma to the fair last night, along wit...

August 14, 2008 by Adam in Emma

I took Emma to the fair last night, along with my coworker Summer who's been down to help with the hospital move. Emma was completely excited, as she's become enamored of Summer. I think Summer was less maternal to Emma and more wanting to be a five year-old again. The entire time I felt like I was chaperoning a play date between the two.

We started by looking at the animals. The mama pigs are always fun, and Emma liked the baby pigmy goats. I personall liked the chickens that were giant puff-balls, with no eyes visible. I decided they moved about purely with their sense of smell.

Later on we went out into the junk food, carnie games, and monster trike rides. It was all fairly overwhelming, and we finally wandered over to the kid ride section. We very quickly blew through twenty bucks for three rides. Emma went on the balloon ride all by herself, looking occasionally nervous but proud of her bravery afterwards. There was also a pig race and someone juggling with fire. Summer spoiled her the entire time. Eventually I declared it was time to go home and we wandered back, Emma often holding Summer's hand.

While Sam's been going on play dates non-stop this Summer, poor Emma has only had a handful. I'm glad she was able to finally have one, even if it was with someone a couple decades older.

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