Emma Update

October 15, 2010 by Adam in Emma

Emma's had all sorts of exciting things happen to her in the last week, much of which was filmed. Emma had her BFF Morgan come over for a visit, ran in the jog-a-thon, dyed her pink, got glasses, and was generally cute and sassy.

I'm Awesome

October 09, 2010 by Adam in Emma

I had quite a bit of time to hang out with Emma today, which was loads of fun.  After the homework and assorted house projects, I took her down to the park to work on her cycling.  Somehow, it all came together today and she was riding around all by herself.  She's awesome.

New Glasses

October 08, 2010 by Adam in Emma

Emma's been complaining of poor vision, and after an at-home eye test, I decided it was time to take her in.  My longtime eyedoctor, Dr. Arbow, was friendly and good.  Emma was an excellent patient.

It turns out she's a little farsighted, which makes reading up-close difficult.  The recommendation was for reading glasses, which she eagerly tried on and will pick up early next week.  With luck, she won't need glasses as an adult, though.  Evidently farsightedness is very common at her age.


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