Lost Tooth #2

April 19, 2010 by Adam in Emma

Emma lost a tooth Sunday morning. She'd been toying with her dangling tooth for days now, as it got increasingly floppy. It was my crepes that did the tooth in, finally pushing it out of the socket. She's been good about thanking the tooth fairy after getting a dollar for her tooth, though she's clearly aware of the mythical nature of the aforementioned being. That doesn't make it any less fun or rewarding, though.

Goblin Girl

April 11, 2010 by Adam in Emma

Emma was having far too much fun with a noodle package tonight.

Workbook Madness

April 07, 2010 by Adam in Emma

I got Emma three different workbooks for Easter and she's really gotten into them. When we get home from school, Sam goes to his computer and Emma starts in on her workbook. She decided to carry it in her backpack today so she could take it to Jamie's house tonight.

She also read me part of her chapter book when I put her to bed last night. The language was pretty challenging, but she managed to work her way through four or so pages before letting me finish. With a bit of practice, she'll be reading by herself soon enough.

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