Pierced Ears

January 04, 2011 by Adam in Emma

Emma got pierced ears yesterday.  They're a little sore today, but she's being diligent about keeping them clean.  She's also had an annoying cough the last four days, though I managed to convince her to go to school since she can show off her earrings.  She put on the hair band that Sadie made for her, nicely exposing her ears.

The funniest part of the whole story is that she had been reading a book on how to be glamorous and one of the sections was titled "How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Pierce Your Ears."  Emma carefully went through the list and got everyone's permission, sensibly using her Christmas money and getting it organized.  It was very cute.

I had a great time hanging out with Emma the last four days, despite her being sick.  We played games together, read books at bedtime, and played at the playground with everyone else.  I really like the person she's turning into, and tell her frequently.


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