Seasoned Traveler

August 17, 2011 by Adam in Emma

Emma was truly great on the trip to Sadie's wedding.  The plane rides were grueling and long, but she managed reasonably well.  When she woke me up when I tried to sleep, she apologized later.  Only a couple times did I get the "how much further?" question.  More often than not, she was cheerful and pleasant and I'd be happy to travel with her again.

She had a great time on the trip, and the farm was the perfect place for an eight year-old to be.  Frogs, butterflies, and grasshoppers were caught.  She picked carrots and ate them raw.

Emma had a great time with her cousins, especially Isa.  The two of them look so much alike these days, and they were both into very similar things.  Isa thought it would be a fine idea for her to come visit one summer and hang out more with Emma.

On the last day of the trip, she ate lobster in Portland, Maine, and then later ate corn chowder in the San Francisco airport.  She seems like such a seasoned traveler to me now.

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