Nine Years Old

May 29, 2012 by Adam in Emma

Emma is officially nine. At 11:55 a.m. on Sunday, Jamie came over to give Emma a birthday hug and I rallied the troops to sing her Happy Birthday.  She also had two other celebrations so far, one last week with Kate and Daniel, and another Sunday night with the family.  Joanna spent a big chunk of the day cooking and making delicious cupcakes.  Emma declared it the best birthday ever. 

We had some discussions about what she could do now that she's nine years old.  She decided she could stay up until 8:30 p.m. now.  The first night it went really well, and she conked right out after she shooed me away.  Last night was a little more challenging, and she called me up because she was scared.  I hung out with her until she settled down and all was well.

Emma's Eugene Project

May 16, 2012 by Adam in Emma

Emma doesn't normally do a lot of writing, so it was a treat to see what she wrote about her "places in Eugene" project.  This weekend we'll be printing out her paragraphs to go with the photos, and then putting it all on a poster board.

Have you ever seen a raptor? Well, at Cascades Raptor Center, they keep injured raptors like ones that have been run over or had their nest cut down during logging, and I went there!  I went with my mom on May 2nd to see many birds of prey, also known as raptors. Once when I went there before I adopted a bird.  Her name is Ravi, and this time I got to see her out of her cage. When we started looking around, I looked in a Golden Eagle's cage and behold, it was taking a bath! Also, when we looked in the corner, there was a nest with eggs.  It was so cool! I did not want to leave, but I had to. That was my experience at the raptor center.


When you go to a restaurant, a giant war horse does not usually greet you, but at P.F. Chang's a giant war horse does, and I saw it! I went to P. F. Chang's at 2:00 on Wednesday with my mom. I went because both me and my mom liked it, and the food. It really was a good place to be. When I walked in it was pretty empty but still a few people were there. The room was filled with music and calming Chinese paintings. When we ordered, we ordered Singapore street noodles, rice, egg drop soup and dumplings.  I ate until I was sick! When it was time to go, we paid, tipped and said good-bye to our waiter.


Do you like shops and locally grown produce? Then you would like Saturday Market! I went there to check it out. I went on April 28th with my step-brother and sister, Duncan and Berry. Also with my real dad. There were shops, live music, and wow! a giant fountain!  Before I went there I was at the library, so we took the car from there.  Then my stomach growled because I was hungry, so my dad bought a giant brownie. On our way back from getting the brownie, a flower shop worker asked if I wanted a flower.  I tried not to be rude and accepted.  After that, Berry was falling asleep so we went back home and that was my trip.

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