Mad Skillz

September 30, 2013 by Adam in Emma

Emma has developed all sorts of useful skills over the years.  She writes Teen Titan fan fiction, draws anime inspired art, and as of this weekend mastered one of the more important and difficult skills of all.

Yes, she made my mocha this morning, steaming the milk, making the espresso, and mixing it all up.  She was nervous, and Joanna supervised, but it turned out delicious and brought a smile to my face all day.

Edgewood Open House

September 27, 2013 by Adam in Emma

Emma took me to her school's open house.  It was cool, seeing where she spends most of her days. I think Sam had Emma's teacher back at Crest, at least occasionally.  She seemed quite nice.

Emma showed me her desk and the owl pellets they were looking at under a microscope.  We went through her various projects that were displayed on the wall.  Emma apparently has a job at morning meeting, and showed me the book she uses to explain tasks to the other kids.

We wandered out to the playground and through the gym.  Eventually we returned home.  It was all quite cool, especially with Emma being so enthusiastic about school.

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