Happy Birthday, Seraph! 'Thought I wake up ea...

November 10, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

Happy Birthday, Seraph! 'Thought I wake up early enough to call you before you to took off to school. But since you leave in the wee hours in the morning when it is still dark, 7:30 AM was too late. All of us had a wonderful weekend celebrating your 28. Birthday,( I think I can still mention your age ?)first at my house and then the next day, Sunday, with your whole family at your Mom's house. There was so much talking going on around the dining room table that Isabell held her ears closed and ask us not to talk so loud, when actually her voice was several octaves louder than ours when she was expressing her opinion. I guess it is hard for a small child, who is the happiest in a one on one situation, to sit among a large group of people who jabber about all kinds of 'nonesense' she could not comprehend. Just putting myself into that situation as a child I can understand why she felt that way.I have been in a situation among Spanish speaking people when they debated about some thing I didn't understand, and I got the impression they were all mad at each other when that wasn't the case, but I felt like holding my ears shut.

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