Robbie and Isabell came to spent the weekend ...

December 13, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

Robbie and Isabell came to spent the weekend in Eugene. Seraph had to stay home to work on her finals project.I had cooked a wonderful beef stew in the crockpot and made some garlic bread, which lasted us all through the weekend, as I had counted on Seraph coming to help us eat it. Saturday morning we spent shopping for Robbies' school project. Then headed out to the tree farm where we met Sue and Adam for our usual tree cutting. The rain had actually stopped for us, so we had a wonderful time searching for our perfect tree. Isabell at first was intimidated by all the mushrooms around the trees,thinking they were evil spirits, Adam and Robbie encouraged that thought in her, mean guys! But she soon got over it and had fun squashing them with her feet. On our way home we stopped by our favorite little restaurant and had hot chocholate and the best hamburger I had in a long time. Now we had enough energie again to unload our trees when we got home and even had time to set up my tree. Isabell was in heaven helping to decorate. She also set up a little tree in "her" room on her table, Which she decided to take home with her. It was a very fullfilling weekend, thanks to little Isabell.

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