It was a great and busy weekend for evey one ...

July 26, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

It was a great and busy weekend for evey one in the family. Robbie, Seraph and Isabell came Friday, spent one night at my house, then moved to Grandma Susi's house for the next night. Robbie and I entertained Isabell while Serraph spent hours doing her homework. But we did get some conversation time in over dinner and big breakfast with Seraph. Of course the highlight was Sunday at Jenny's house for Sue's and Adam's Birthday party. Jenny really knows how to barbeque, It was delicious!!!

All went well Friday at Jenny's house

July 19, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

All went well Friday at Jenny's house. When I arrived at nine Yayoe was reading a book to Jordan, while Destin was in his room playing video games, and the cat was jumping merrily all over the house, just waiting for some thing to move so she can jump on it. A very quiet atmosphere. I kept Jordan occupied for a while with a wooden train puzzle I got for Isabell a long time ago. I was pleasantly surprised how well he did on his own without any help from me. He instantly reckonized where the shapes belonged. When I mentioned to Jenny later how smart I thought he was, she said:" I know, but he don't talk." Doesn't that remind you of a cereal advertisement ? When Destin got hungry for lunch he wanted chicken noodle soup. So, I hunted for a can of soup and found it. Even Jordan liked it. As you can see all went well, I didn't have to use my stick.Ha,ha !

It's been a while since you heard from me

July 15, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

It's been a while since you heard from me. Tomorrow, a week ago I came back from Portland, helping to take Isabell to summer camp. While there we found a very nice place for her to stay in the mornings, while Robbie works and Seraph goes to school. Isabell liked the place so well she wanted to stay. But this week she is going to summer camp at Robbie's school. Tomorrow Yayoe and I are taking shifts caring for Destin and Jordan, while Jenny works. That should be fun. Ha,ha!

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