I got the light yesterday

August 24, 2000 by Adam in Adam's Projects

I got the light yesterday. As you can see from the picture, it looks pretty cool. I still want to secure the light inside the case a bit more, and I want to hook up some fans to the other switch.

In the immortal words of Dr. Sbatso: "crazy, crazy, la la la, crazy crazy."

The computer madness continues

August 21, 2000 by Adam in Adam's Projects

The computer madness continues. While Jamie and Sam were away for the weekend, I took apart my computer and performed a large number of modifications.

I painted everything glossy black, including the CD faceplates. The buttons are all midnight blue. This part took forever, especially sanding places where I screwed up and had to repaint.

I also added a window by cutting a hole in the side and gluing in a panel of clear lucite. Soon I'll plug in a blue neon light so you can see the insides.

Finally, I added a "control panel" in the front. It has a clock and two switches. The switches will go to the light and fan. Still have to wire that up.

All in all, it was a fun little experience. My dad helped a ton, especially with cutting the case. It's a good thing Jamie was out of town. For several days, I had computer parts laying about as paint dried. I'll hopefully be able to clean up before she comes back to town tonight.

I put together a new computer over the last c...

August 03, 2000 by Adam in Adam's Projects

I put together a new computer over the last couple days. I spent about $450 on parts, combined the used PC I bought from work, and threw in my old Dell for good measure.

The Dell is going to Seraph and Robbie, so I put in the 2.5 GB hard drive from the used computer, got it all configured, and stripped out the CD drive and floppy for the new computer. Before they move, I plan on getting my hands on their old computer and merging it with the Dell.

The parts for the new box showed up Tuesday. Sam helped me put it together, and I tried to keep him from whacking the motherboard with the screwdriver. I threw in a 550E Pentium III processor, my Dell's old hard drive, and 64 MB Corsair memory. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to overclock over 612 Mhz, though the memory would run at CAS 2 at 145 Mhz. It's not as fast as my old device, but it does seem to run pretty well. I had to get a new network card, as the Linksys has bad problems with the Soyo board and IRQ conflicts.

So, my home LAN is complete. I hopefully won't have another major upgrade for a year or so. I'll probably wait until the Pentium 4's are cheap and give one of my boxes to the next needy family member.

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