The "Fossil" case (as I've decided to call it...

July 25, 2001 by Adam in Adam's Projects

The "Fossil" case (as I've decided to call it) is slowly coming along. I bought a desktop computer case to use as a frame. I'm also starting to pick up the other components as deals magically appear. One of the nice things about this economic downturn is that you can get tech equipment for really cheap. I now have a case, a CD/CD-R/DVD drive, a 19" monitor, and a 5.1 speaker system on their way. I've only picked up the things that don't get obsolete quickly, and I'm waiting a few months for things like the CPU, motherboard, and graphics card.

Hopefully I can use the next few months to put the case together. Jamie and Sam are heading off to Nebraska for a week. Hopefully I can steal some of my dad's time to help me with the fun manufacturing parts.

Well, I've decided on my next case modification

July 09, 2001 by Adam in Adam's Projects

Well, I've decided on my next case modification. While in Portland, I ran across this suggestion box that was beautiful. Made of brass and hardwood, I've decided to use it an as inspiration for my new computer case. I went out and bought some accessories to begin the construction. Next stop will be to get an empty computer case and the right amount of hardwood. Plus, somehow convince my dad to help me out, as it would be nearly impossible for me to do it myself.

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