It's been an amazingly long time since I wrot...

May 25, 2003 by Adam in Adam's Projects

It's been an amazingly long time since I wrote anything on this area of the site. Taking care of a four-year-old and pregnant wife seems to take over most of my time. These days, my projects are done by other people, which feels a bit sad.

I have been doing a little gardening now that spring has arrived. There's nothing quite like digging in dirt and ripping out weeds. Our roses in particular have gone crazy, blooming all over the place. It makes the front area very fragrant.

Our next major house project is putting in a rec room in the basement. Having a big play area for Sam and Emma for the dreary winter months sounds like an excellent idea. Typically Sam and I play in the laundry area, which is basically a wide hallway. Having something a bit bigger sounds like a good plan.

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