For a long while, I've waffled over whether o...

April 28, 2006 by Adam in Adam's Projects

For a long while, I've waffled over whether or not to buy a laptop. It always seemed too expensive for something that wasn't very powerful. I'd wonder what I'd really do with it and put off the decision for a later day.

Last week I found myself looking at a $400 Dell laptop and couldn't resist. I plunked down my credit card number and got a chance to fiddle with it last night.

Sure, it's supposedly fairly wimpy, but it seems snappy enough for the basics. My plan is to set up a wireless network so that Jamie can look up recipes from the kitchen. It also makes a great "carputer", with a DVD player to entertain the kids for long drives.

The only problem at the moment is that my old wireless router just doesn't seem to work. I see it, but can't connect to it properly. It was flaky for a long time after I got it, so I'm thinking it's time to just buy a new one. They're pretty cheap, unlike my free time.

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