I'm having a lot more fun with the new laptop...

June 01, 2006 by Adam in Adam's Projects

I'm having a lot more fun with the new laptop than I would have thought. At the moment I'm in the front yard, sitting on a bench. The kids are playing with ants. The sky is thick with clouds, rain just around the corner.

I think Jamie's found it useful as well, mostly because it's small and she can have it in the kitchen with her. She's set up a little desk, putting the laptop on top of an antique toilet seat. I suppose there's irony in there somewhere, though it's a bit of a stretch for me today.

Update: A few minutes later, Emma came to me, ants crawling all over her legs. We took her inside, stripped her bare, and picked all the ants off her legs and out of her hair. Sure enough, she had a half-dozen bites that we fortunately had some medicine for. An hour later she was fine.

The most sad and funny part was when she was standing in her room, buck naked and crying. "I'm doomed!" she sobbed. I suppressed a laugh and gave her a long hug.

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