New and Improved

January 29, 2010 by Adam in Adam's Projects

I switched from DSL to Comcast last night. On the plus side, it's insanely fast in comparison to the old version. Sam was in awe of the speed at which videos played, and the overall cost should be less than what I was paying before. It's a little tricky to continue to host my web site, but hopefully it's mostly working now. There's a delay in pointing to the right address, but hopefully most of the world will know where I am by the end of the day.

I have other assorted computer plans, from moving computers around to hooking a computer up to the living room TV. It would be cool if we could watch Mythbusters from the living room and not the cramped couch on the basement.


January 13, 2010 by Adam in Adam's Projects

I bought Sam a new laptop so that he could move between houses and still feel like all his technology and gaming needs were being met.  I splurged a little, getting a high-end Alienware computer that's likely faster than my main computer.  It has a webcam, so we can Skype.  It also has a massive screen and keyboard, making it weigh a ton.  The laptop is very much a "boy" laptop, with glowing blue vents, flashing Alien symbols, and theoretically the keyboard lights up in cool ways.

At the moment, I'm installing Windows 7 and all the associated drivers and software.  Sam's priority was to get his new game installed along with Firefox.  That's my boy.

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