Oh How My Garden Grows

April 28, 2010 by Adam in Adam's Projects

I took the day off work.  I'm generally caught up with my projects, mostly because I'm waiting for other people to do something before I can do my work.  It made for a good excuse to spend the day at home catching up with my endless list of errands and home projects.

I had breakfast with my mom, went to the library, got groceries, and visited Down to Earth.  It was at my last stop where I picked up string trellace and bamboo poles, the weather cooperating well enough to get everything set up.  The plants in the picture are peas, but I have pole beans coming up next to them.  I also found the bush beans and planted those today.  All-in-all, there should be quite a few things popping up in a couple months.  The lettuce, beets, and radishes are coming along nicely, and I have some tomatoes and squash at work that are perking up.

I also did some major cleaning and organizing this morning.  All the boxes and bags and wrapping paper went to the upstairs closet.  The art supplies moved into the hallway.  I had four big plastic bins into which all of Sam's flotsam and jetsam went, stored in the old sauna in the basement.  The two bedrooms on the main floor are looking surprisingly tidy.

As for me, I'm nursing a cup of tea and listening to Taylor Swift on Emma's picture frame (it plays movies too).  My list isn't complete, but I may give myself a couple hours to play video games and relax before heading over to Joanna's.  Tomorrow Alma comes, and the house should be made singularly clean and shiny.  It feels good to get everything ready for the future.

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