Fossil's Return

March 07, 2011 by Adam in Adam's Projects

Many years ago, my dad and I worked on a beautiful wood and brass case.  It was handed down to Sam and then Emma, and finally the innards were so old that the case sat on a shelf for a couple years.  It felt good to break it out again when putting together my new computer.

I ordered the parts a couple weeks ago after my tax return arrived.  It's a six-core AMD processor coupled with a GeForce 560 Ti video card.  I also have three different drives in there, a fast main drive, slow big drive for media, and tiny super fast SSD to install my current game.  It's amazingly smooth, all around, and I really like the SSD's ability to reduce load times to nearly nothing.  Hopefully it'll serve me well over the next couple years.

Putting it together went fairly well.  I managed fifteen minutes here and there to screw in motherboards and stick in memory.  Saturday morning I screwed up my courage, turned it on, and cheerfully started installing Windows 7.  By the end of the day I was playing Magicka and getting things configured the way I want.  It's nice when things go without a hitch.

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