I do not often enough provide the balance tha...

September 23, 2008 by Jamie in Jamie

I do not often enough provide the balance that this family blog desparately needs. The voice of reason and reality. The one servicing all the strings, if not pulling them. I am enjoying my favorite season, though not getting nearly enough direct exposure. I had a lovely first 39th birthday, and so many friends and family reminding me how lucky I am. Angie, Victoria and I had a decadent though far too brief spa afternoon at Angie's mom's house on the McKenzie River...complete with hot tub and our own personal masseuse. I need to hang with these chicks more often. I was treated to gourmet appetizers and a relaxing evening at Pat and Karlann's on Saturday, and a family gathering at Sue's Sunday so I didn't have to cook much over the weekend. It sure is nice having someone cook for you. I'll have to remind the family of that more often ;-)
I also am looking forward to spending the first weekend of Oct with friends at the beach house. Happy Fall!!!

I am back into the routine of daily life

January 15, 2008 by Jamie in Jamie

I am back into the routine of daily life. Having some time to sit and think during the morning makes a huge difference to the psyche. I am filling my social calendar with long neglected friends and a few trips to the longer neglected gym. I am looking out the front window from my warm living room at a blue sky and ice frosted vegetation...very peaceful. Time to decide what to make for dinner for this family plus Dave and Josh. If only I could send them out hunting like in the olden days ;-)

I suppose I should actually have something to...

October 15, 2007 by Jamie in Jamie

I suppose I should actually have something to say on my own behalf, being an international traveller and all. The trip to Italy feels like a wonderful dream..being so far outside my daily reality. It was a great trip and I enjoyed travelling with my mom who so often thinks the same things I am....scary. We went to Florence and Venice, both of which I recommend. Now I am really enjoying reading "Room with a View" which takes place in Florence and the countryside outside London. And a couple of days ago I chanced upon the movie "Casanova" set in Venice. It helps me relive the trip to recognize those names and places. Our next adventure is in just a few weeks, Disneyland...and Emma's first plane ride, and probably the first Sam remembers since he was so young when I took him to Nebraska.

The other day I was tucking Emma to bed and s...

August 10, 2007 by Adam in Jamie

The other day I was tucking Emma to bed and she exclaimed, "Where's the fish?" Sure enough, all the fish in the tank were missing and Jamie fessed up to having "disposed" of them. They were supposed to be Sam's fish and he was going to take care of them. Well, that all fell to Jamie and in an evening of passion and flushing, the fish were no more.

Of course, now everyone is clamoring to get a puppy. I've been quite firm in my refusal, reminding everyone that a dog requires an hour each day for walks, feeding, and play. Fish take just a couple minues a day and we couldn't handle even that.

Plus you can't flush a dog down the toilet. Well, maybe a chiwawa. Or a toy poodle.

In preparation for the Magical Tea Party (are...

May 08, 2007 by Jamie in Jamie

In preparation for the Magical Tea Party (are we having brownies at this thing?) Sam and I have been power washing the patio. Sam has really enjoyed it...I have a feeling that like me, it appeals to his obsessive compulsive tendencies as much as his masculine love of anything with a motor. We have done a great job, and I appreciate the team effort (Emma scrubbed the chairs and table, Adam blew bubbles ;-)

I'm going to cabo!!!! Hasta la Vista babies ...

January 01, 2007 by Jamie in Jamie

I'm going to cabo!!!! Hasta la Vista babies ;-)

At least I don't have to remind my husband to...

November 28, 2006 by Jamie in Jamie

At least I don't have to remind my husband to change his underwear, ah for small blessings.
I have had very little time to think about gifts this year...thus my appreciation for the "name draw" system. I love to get people just the right thing. So, for those unlucky souls who were not drawn by me, I can only say "Warmest Wishes of the Season" and better luck next year!
I am looking forward to:
* Gourmet tree trimming extravaganza at Pat and Karlann's house
* Sending Sam and Emma out to pick just the right Christmas tree at Gramma Sue's farm
* My family's annual trek to Gramma Judy's house for the Christmas Party and (the first annual) Holiday Wee-atricals
* Ringing in the Nuevo Ano south of the border at Brant and Wendy's Baja wedding

Emma and I had a great time in Portland, shop...

October 23, 2006 by Jamie in Jamie

Emma and I had a great time in Portland, shopping at Bridgeport Village, playing out in the Autumn sunshine, cooking a fancy dinner on the irreplacable Czechoslovokian china, and admiring all the latest remodelling. Their house has always been my favorite place to be, so I will be sad to see it sold, but happy that it has been such a great investment for them.
Sam is home sick today with the virus that has been passed through the house. Emma is loath to hand over her special designation and so is inventing symptoms to regain some sympathy. She will be going to school today regardless.
We have planned to eke out the last (hopefully) nice days at the beach this weekend, and it will be a treat to fire up the gas inserts and boil some crab in butter.

Yes, I know

September 29, 2006 by Jamie in Jamie

Yes, I know...Adam would just LOVE to know what I am doing with all my "free time" during the week. Amazingly, it seems to get eaten up by the chores I am used to doing with kids...it is just a bit more relaxing without them, but it's not like I have time to write the Great American Novel or anything, sheesh!
I have been enjoying a nearly daily dose of a couple of my favorite Brit Coms at lunch time: "As time goes by", "Are you being served?" Unfortunately, "Keeping up Appearences" comes on just when I have to pick up Emma, so I miss it.
Just finished reading "Disobedience" by Jane Hamilton and am now diving into the complete works of Sherlock Holmes courtesy of my friend and fellow Anglophile Pat Gariepy.
I am also keen on doing more gardening..including getting someone's butt in gear to rebuild the front fence and arbors and replace the crumbling sidewalk. More difficult than it should be to find someone.

We are well into school now, and both kids ar...

September 17, 2006 by Jamie in Jamie

We are well into school now, and both kids are adapting well to the new schedule. Emma has been doing very well considering the hours she is spending (M-Th 8:30-12:30) and she's already picking up French. As for myself, I have mostly enjoyed unencumbered menu planning, grocery shopping and lunch eating, along with a few actual morning showers..I forgot how invigorating those can be :-)
I also spent one spontaneous morning up at King Estate reading my Italy travel books which was beyond decadent approaching the ridiculous. Ahhhhh.....

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