Happy Thanksgiving!!! We finally have our co...

November 23, 2001 by Seraph in Cortez

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We finally have our computer hooked up at home, thanks to the diligence of Adam. I hope this means we'll be posting more often.

I had my birthday on the 10th, which started with a surprise brunch and a day of shopping! A real luxury these days. Everyone was over this afternoon for treats and turkey, including Charles and Judy, who flew in from Iowa today! We also had a mini birthday for Sam (the big three), who promptly went and spent the evening in the corner playing with his new race track.

Our family room was semi-completed for Turkey Day-allergy free for at least one day! We still have a good bit of finishing, but the pressure has eased a bit.

We're finally healthly again. Isa's crawling, standing some, waving (occasionally), eating anything, dancing all the time, and generally being cheerful.

We went and saw Harry Potter. It was really good, but Robbie informed me that there were some parts that were different from the book! I think he and Jenny are going to plan a trip to see it again.

Now we've got Robbie's birthday next weekend, so be prepared for a call from me putting on something at the last minute!

I haven't posted forever with good and not-so...

November 07, 2001 by Seraph in Cortez

I haven't posted forever with good and not-so-good excuses. We still haven't done the final hook up of the internet onto our computer-mostly lazieness on our part. Also we have hardly been home this last mont. There was our anniversary trip to the coast, a quick trip to Ashland and a Law Conference at the coast. This week Isa and I got hit pretty hard with colds. Robbie has held out so far, but I think his will is starting to crumble. Mostly we've been getting into bed around 6:30pm and not doing much of anything else.

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