I clearly need to get it together and post mo...

October 31, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I clearly need to get it together and post more often! First and foremost...Happy birthday Betsy, and happy Halloween! This is a favorite time of year for Robbie and I, even though all of our pumpkins have rotted, and I think we'll have to make a last minute run to pick up some more.
My mid-terms have snuck up on me, and I'm trying to cram in some studying today between church and trick-or-treating. Isa has dressed up as a witch for the various parties this week, but anounced this morning that she wanted to do the fairy princess thing again this year for trick-or-treating! Sigh...more pink.
We had a lot of fun with Adam, Jamie, Sam and Emma yesterday at the Zoo. Isa love running around with Sam. The only problem is that she is now so comfortable there, that when the crowds are small she wants to run off in every direction!
Robbie actually admitted this morning that he missed his school kids on the weekends. I think that leaving his class may become the hardest part of moving away from Portland after graduation. I did point out that that sentiment would probably make the parents happy!
Well, much love, tricks, and treats to everyone!
P.S. Sadie, all our love and thoughts to you and Anna. As great a lady she is, we promise that we'll keep you! Would you like us to send on Mr. Pletcher?

Alex and Carolyn arrived safe and sound yesterday

October 15, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Alex and Carolyn arrived safe and sound yesterday. I met with them, Robbie, and Isa after I finished up at school. We went to ice cream and later to dinner. Isa decided that their hotel was cool and wanted to have a sleepover. (What's that saying Mom? Independent as a hog on ice?!) When I talked to Carolyn this morning they had already hit Toys-R-Us and were going to go swimming!
Funny comment from a man I work with. He was listening to me take a call, and afterwards asked if I was from the mid-west. When I asked why he said that only his mid-west family said "m-bye" on the phone! I guess some language traits get passes down forever!
Lots and lots of love to my amazing family!

Robbie and I had a nice aniversery near Mt

October 12, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Robbie and I had a nice aniversery near Mt. Hood with Raven and Cheikh. It was nice just to relax by the fire and play Scrabble.
School is back in full swing and I'm learning to live in the libarary again. Other than Fridays and weekends I don't feel like I'm home much.
I've decided that all I want for my birthday is a new administration. Please vote! I had just read an article about how the republicans were trying to make it difficult for new people, perticularly minorities, to registar. Sure enough shortly after Robbie and I sent in our forms so that we would be registared up here, Robbie received a notice about all sorts of additional information they wanted (two days before the registration deadline none-the-less)!
Sigh...unfortunately posting what I'd like to be my second birthday wish, if my first does not occur, would probably get me thrown in jail by the FBI, who no doubt monitors this site because of all of the radical, non-traditional, babies we're raising! Peace and love to all!

We had fun seeing everyone this weekend, the ...

October 04, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We had fun seeing everyone this weekend, the family exhibit, jenny curling Isa's hair, and Jamies mushrooms and garlic were well worth the trip! Isa is excited about going back next weekend (and so are Robbie and I). We are planning on going to Kah-Nee-Ta with Raven and Cheikh, though the details are still coming together.
I just finished my first class of the new term - color theory, and will momentarily be heading off to the students "luch with the president" (of the school that is). We love and miss everyone!

Now Sadie, if only you could get those prof

October 01, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Now Sadie, if only you could get those prof.'s to wear Uncle Sam hats and beards! It sounds as though you have that great nack of cordinating all things important that was passed down from Yayoe!
Robbie has been chugging away with his kids. He has different music that he listens to depending on what group he has that day. He needs upbeat pop music for his mellow tue/thur kids, and lots of Enya for the more active Mon/Wed/Fri group. It think he really enjoys that commute time to himself.
I've started working at the student supply store. I'm scheduled to work about 10 hours a week. So far they say I'm a quick study, but I really think they are hoping to get in some responsible people before several of their seniors graduate this year. It's all good though - and we're all happy with our min. wage raise this new years!
We had Raven and Cheikh over for dinner and to watch the debates last night. We're going to try and get together for all of them, each of brings in very different views of the mid - to radical - left. I have tried to expand my views by watching the republican commentators afterwards, and trying to be open minded.
What is rather fringhtening to me is the number of my contemporaries who are saying they may move out of the USA based on the out come of the elections. I mentioned to Raven that it felt like we would be running away from the problems instead of staying and fighting for change. But, she made a strong point in that it's hard to fight against your own citizans - who don't want to change.
Anyway, enough rants from me....

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