September 27, 2013 by Seraph in Cortez

Somehow this has turned into a crazy week!  Last Sunday on my way home from work, another epic storm decided to hit our area.  I had to drive through very deep water to get home, and consequently my car wouldn't start Monday morning.  Monday was spent in a crazy fog (luckily I wasn't scheduled to work).  Between the cold/sore throat setting in and working to get a car loan, it was quite a day.  

On Wednesday, I dragged Hanni around to dealerships and the bank, finally driving home in a 2009 Toyota Yaris (yet to be named).  
Just when the week was looking up, Thursday afternoon happened.  While walking to the bus stop after school, Isabell tripped on a curb and broke her right wrist.  Oh, and scrapped her head, which was very small but bled like crazy.  I know, you're all thinking, wait!  we've read this post before.  Yes, this is the second time Isabell has broken a wrist (last time on her left hand), and the second break on her right arm (last time the shoulder).  I promise we feed her vitamins and make her drink her milk!
Finally the Tylenol kicked in and she's sleeping.  Now it's my turn...  


September 15, 2013 by Seraph in Cortez

We've had crazy Oregon style rain for the last week.  Here that means a lot of flooding and water-logged roads.  We've been loving in, but my poor garden is drowning.  I'm not sure what this means our winter will be like, but we've got the first load of firewood stacked, and contractors bidding on the attic insulation.  At least we'll be warm and cozy whatever comes our way.

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